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Airsoft Gun Repair / Trouble shooting
Installing your battery into your JG F6613
My Electric Gun does not shoot, HELP ME !
  The Trouble shooting walk through for electric guns.

  1. Is your item dead power ?
    Yes - Absolute no sound no response  - goto #2
    NO - it makes a faint clicking sound     - goto #3

  2. Did you check fuse and wire connection?
    fuse might look ok but it already broken inside. can you bypass the fuse by stacking up the 2 copper connector instead?
    The wire connection might be loosen, and most wire are shrink wrapped. You need to either feel it or cut open the plastic wrap to see ifs its connected.
    YES - they are all fine goto #4
    NO - i put it back and it works.

  3. Can you use a different battery (full) to try ? Did you charge your battery only for the required time only ?
    CHARGING TIME IS DIFFERENT ON every battery or charger. Best to charge the battery when its almost empty.
    Base on empty battery , To precisely calculate the charge time, divide battery capacity (#### mAh) by charge output (### mAh).
    e.g:   1100 mAh battery , with a 300 mAh output charger = 1100/300 = 3.67 hours.
    Normally to fully charge the battery for 4-5 hours
    Do not over charge or leave it overnight.
    If you have a smart charger it should auto shut off.
    For NI-CD battery has memory effect, you have to discharge it completed everytime before charging. of you did not discharge / over charge it will shorten the life of your battery. NI-MH and Lipo can charge anytime. to completely discharger and recharger on NI-MH is recommanded once a month. LiPO batter , a balanced charger is recommended.
    Fast charging is not recommended. Fast charging will shorten your battery's life. slow charge if possible.
    All battery has self-discharge rate. meaning it will discharge itself on the shelf even though you dont use it. If you idle the battery too long we recommend a complete discharge - then slow charge cycle.

    YES - its now working with a different battery. its time to buy a new battery.
    NO - I might over charged and killed the battery, its time to buy a new battery.

  4. Did you check the motor - wire connection ? is the wire circuit complete?
    You can only do this if you are experienced on airsoft gun and you might void the warranty. To open up the bottom of the pistol grip and check if the wires are connected properly on the motor. (V2 & V3 gear box only.) if they are connected, use a electrical tested to test if the circuit is complete (use omh meter). Black wire should be always complete while red wire is only complete while you pull the trigger on semi/ auto mode.
    YES - i fixed it
    NO - they are fine but no power still. goto # 5

  5. Did you check the motor , selector plate and the trigger unit?
    the selector plate might be broken, preventing it from moving freely. Or the trigger is not engaging to the wire connection. Your trigger should give you a small different response feeling then moving freely (experienced user only).
    To check the motor: take out the motor seat. use your finger to push the motor , it should move up and down freely because it has a spring. If it got stuck proper stuck on a wire. take it out and clear out the stuck part.
    Also take the motor it out from the pistol grip (watch out spring and motor seat with small parts), while the wires are connected, pull the trigger to let he motor spin freely without touching anything. It should be strong torque and spin fast. if its not your motor is bad. Also try to put the motor back to the
    YES - i replaced the selector plate now is fine.
    NO - it must be from inside the gear box. please contact us to obtain RMA,
My gun does not shoot, it makes a clicking sound but wont fire. looks like the gear box is locked up.
  My gun does not shoot, it makes a clicking sound but wont fire. looks like the gear box is locked up.

Case 1.
Not enough power to move the gears.

if the gun is new and unopened its most likely your battery, charge it up ASAP and then install it into the gun, if you still do not have anything try adjusting the motor hight, you can do this by turning the small screws at the base of the handgrip, if you start hearing a grinding noise you have gone too far,

Case 2.
Anti reversal latch caught up.

This is what you do remove the cover on your handgrip note where the wires hook to your guns motor the red wire is usualy hylited red on the motor too. Carefully remove the wires and take motor out. With a long neck philips screwdriver remove the handgrips two screws remove handgrip. Now with a metal hooked pick reach in through the hole the motor shaft goes in on the butt side of the gun there is a anti-reversal latch hook it and pull it down. This will release your gearbox now reassemble the gun and your good to go....

Case 3.
Internal parts damage

In some cases i have also had gearboxes that wont turn over because 1 gear has a missing or broken tooth that is causeing all of the other gears to stop turning and cant move. If this is the case you will have to replace it. if none of these solve the problem i would either get it opened up (ONLY if you know how, and it voids the warranty)
What kind of BB should i use ?
  It always good to use high quality BB. It will avoid jamming and damaging your AEG.

We only recommend these certified BB Brands:    1.   Airsoft Elite  
                                                                                       2.   MetalTac

Any other brands are not certified and might void your warranty.
High Quality BB are : Ultra smooth Highly Polished surface, perfectly sphere and no bum.
Perfectly balanced in weight.  Ball should be complete solid and no air bubble inside. the weight distributed should be even in all direction.